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Strong buyer demand has driven the fast-tracked second release of Stage 5 at Minters Fields, Mount Barker. With the picturesque Adelaide Hills surrounding you, and lush green open spaces on your doorstep, your home at Minters Fields will truly be your haven.


Are you looking for a way to maximise the potential of your block of land? Are you looking to downsize but love the area you are in? Or are you looking at upgrading and building a new home?

The issue of financial security is something that most people will have to think about at some point or other in their lives. When you have reached such a point, you will find that one of the best ways of saving your money for a rainy day is by making use of jewelry. The good thing about precious metals and rocks is that they are fairly resistant to issues such as inflation.

For instance, when you put money in a bank for a very long time, you may find that even with decent interest, the value of the money decreases due to depreciation in the value of the currency or due to economic factors. However, gems and precious metals are normally in very high demand since their quantity is static. This means that they are a very good way of storing wealth in such a manner that it is not adversely affected by such forces as inflation.

Making sure that your investment is safe

This means that by simply putting part of your wealth in jewelry, you can protect yourself from such issues with ease. However, one problem you need to think of when you are doing this is how to make sure that your jewels themselves are safe. For instance, when you keep your jewels in safe at home, you cannot be too sure that you will not lose them due to theft or natural disasters. This means that you may need to take an extra step to ensure that your jewels are safe wherever you put them.

One of the ways of doing this is by taking advantage of insurance. Many people do not know this, but you can insure jewels such that if they are lost, you can easily get paid by the insurance agency. There are many companies that can provide this kind of cover, but making sure that you work with a high quality insurer who has been in the market for long can ensure that you do not have to worry about the ease of filing a claim in case of loss.

Getting cheap insurance for your jewelry

When you are thinking of insuring such products, the issue of cost of insurance is one that you cannot avoid dealing with. There is no point in investing in such things, and then spending most of your money paying for the premiums. To avoid such issues, it is a good idea that you always try to find an insurance agency who offers low premiums. In addition to that, you can also take other measures to reduce the relative risk that the insurer faces.

For instance, rather than keeping the jewels at home, you can rent a deposit box in your bank, and then store them there. This is a much safer place to store such things, which means that the insurer is likely to charge you less as premium if you prove that you keep your jewelry in the bank. This makes the cost of insurance much more affordable.


A real estate agent should know a locality like the back of his hand. But the fact is that real estate agents with local expertise are few. This makes the search for best real estate agents quite difficult. Thanks to Monest, clients can now find the best real estate agents who are experts in the local areas.

Locality-specific needs

Many clients have locality-specific property needs. Only those agents who deal in properties located in the specified areas can provide exclusive options to their clients. Monest has a veritable list of top real estate agents who have a greater focus on localities. What they are able to offer their clients is something no other property portal can deliver.


Since top real estate agents have insightful knowledge about the localities, they can suggest the localities to prefer or avoid on the basis of safety. If the locality is not good for the safety of women or families, the best real estate agents suggest so to their clients and save their valuable investment and life from ruin. As Monest is home for such top real estate agents with locality-based insider knowledge, it is the best option to bank on before making a property-related decision.


The top real estate agent knows the localities where the amenities available are

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the best. The cost of living varies from one locality to another. A top real estate agent provides inputs regarding commute time and transport cost to his clients. If it is far from schools or office areas, then it is not preferable to opt for. Monest has property agents who furnish correct information about localities. Other agents in the market are never transparent in these matters.

Price trends

Since property prices fluctuate from one street to another within the same locality, the buyer needs a top real estate agent who can tell the wide differences and explain the overpricing of properties. One property on the same stretch does not command the same price as the next property. When prices vary sharply in a locality, only a top real estate agent operating on Monest shares the reason for the fluctuation in price with the client and updates him about the real scenario. Agents elsewhere never reveal information that is likely to harm their business. The best real estate agents on Monest believe their business will grow if they guide their clients honestly in locality matters.

Local infrastructure

The existing and upcoming infrastructure projects in localities are important. Suppose a flyover is under construction in an area or a big hospital is proposed, then the price is likely to appreciate in the future. A top real estate agent operating on Monest shares infrastructural potential of the particular locality due to various projects in the pipeline so that the client makes a wise choice for the long term.

Locality knowledge

Monest has top real estate agents who declare themselves as locality or area specific professionals to get the specialist tag and save the precious time of clients. As they declare themselves to be locality experts, they know everything about the locality and not just the property leads. This helps buyers to educate themselves and decide whether they should go ahead with their plan. If a real estate agent is focused on the northern part of the city, he can offer good options from this part of the city and get more leads for his sharp focus on this particular area.


If you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner and wondering which one to buy, you should first con-sider what kind of home you have, and the kind of surface the flooring of your home has. You can buy a vacuum cleaner online effortlessly, but before that you would need to compare models, assess your budget and requirements. Read on for more on what factors to consider when you shop for a vacuum cleaner for home use.

One of the reasons why you need a vacuum cleaner is because cleaning large floor areas and spaces can be quite a task when done manually. This is especially true if you have health issues. On the other hand, if you have a vacuum cleaner for home use, you can clean the entire home, be it staircas-es, floors or even your furniture and walls. There are many types of vacuum cleaners, but typically the categories based on body type include:

  • Canister: If you were to choose a canister vacuum cleaner for home use, you will have greater manoeuvrability, because they are light and easy to carry around, especially the stars or hard to reach places. These are ideal for hard dry floors. They come with accessories like a floor carpet brush and extension tube.
  • Handheld: The biggest advantage of a handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is portable, easy to clean and lightweight. If you are considering buying a vacuum cleaner online, look for a model that comes with a wet-dry function which offers greater power of suction. This means spills can be cleaned up immediately. Handheld vacuum cleaners are also good to clean upholstery and pet hair. If you get a cordless one, you won't even have to plug your vacuum in; all you need to do is to charge the battery.

For large rooms, get a corded one

If you have large rooms or have to clean a large floor area, it may help to buy one that is corded and can be plugged in. This because cordless ones, despite their ability for powerful and deep cleaning, may need constant battery recharge. When you have a plug-in one, the suction power can be sus-tained throughout the cleaning process. A corded vacuum has greater ability to clean, especially if you use the right attachments or accessories. Batteries vacuum cleaners

Cordless for portability and smaller areas

If you have a smaller home or don't have to clean often, you could opt for a cordless vacuum clean-er. It is also good enough to use if you don't have pets or kids, and there are not too many messes on the floor!

In general, when you wish to buy a vacuum cleaner online, you would need to check for aspects such as suction power, bags/bagless, filtration system, accessories, extra features such as smart indi-cators, warranty, area for which it can be used, and of course, your budget.